The Second Annual Smallville Comics Cosplay Competition 2016!!!

WOW!!! Last year was epic, but this year Smallville Comics went bigger and more awesome!!! And so much more Cosplay!!! This really is such a fun day out, a little fleamarket with geeky stuff to buy and I just love Cosplay and Comics! What made it extra special is Joe and his team donated a chunk of their profits to a good cause – the SPCA.

Oh and they had waffles from the Pink Waffle Cabin, which is a great idea for a food truck!!!

Song by: MK And Bettie Hill – “Piece of Me”

Smallville Comics Cosplay Competition 2016 Cosplayers are:

Last Minute Cosplay
Synergist Cosplay
KerBear Cosplay
Seanguin Cosplay
Cat’s Tail Cosplay
Miss Spidey Cosplay
Netas Cosplay
Silver Angel C
ZeroKelvin Cosplay
Gate Walker Cosplay
Cosplay Weirdos
Meme le Meow
Annakapat Cosplay
Kali Kitty Cosplay

If you were featured and have a cosplay page – please let me know, I’d love to add you to the list!! 😀



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