I loved watching the He-man cartoon series by Filmation (1983). And because of that my first doll was a He-man figurine, one of those old school ones made of metal and you could stretch the legs out and they would snap back – they really don’t make toys like that anymore. One of my favourite characters from the series is, The Sorceress, because she’s kind, strong and don’t get on her bad side.

I am a huge Quentin Tarantino fan, he’s a genius writer and director! I was hooked in the 90s with ‘Pulp Fiction’, and everything Tarantino’s released since has my full attention! It’s the way the characters interact with each other; and how we see what the “bad guy” does at home with his wife and kids. Tarantino knows how to get under his characters’ skins to truly reveal who they are. So I just knew I needed to make a kickass The Bride Cosplay!