Aah, V… I fondly look back at the 1983’s V TV Series about Aliens who came to earth for some resources – mainly US, as food and all our water! Jane Badler’s Diana was so marvelously cruel, I had to make a Diana Cosplay!

“She is ruthless and cruel to get what she wants.”


A photograph of Jane Badler as Diana from V TV Show
Jane Badler as Diana (V TV Show)
The reveal of the Lizard people was one of the biggest shocks, even the mouse eating scene still gets to my mom! So to continue my work to be a powerful and strong character, I picked Diana, Commander of The Visitors.


Jane Badler plays the role of a beautiful, sadistic, power-hungry and brilliant commander. She is ruthless and cruel to get what she wants. She is the Commander of the Mothership, which hovers over Los Angeles and is constantly fighting the Resistance. Though the Visitor’s never succeed, Diana was always there to fight and she never stopped for her ultimate goal of power. I’ve always wanted to cosplay a bad guy and she is the most beautiful and cruelest villains ever.

Diana Cosplay holding lazer gun up from ICON 2016
Photo by Kali Kitty Cosplay


  • The bodysuit was made using what I thought was mini matt but it frayed like crazy (there’s red strings everywhere in my house still!). I used Yaya Han’s bodysuit pattern. Because this wasn’t stretchy fabric, I added a few cms around the edges for space. Black ribbon was sewn around the cuffs.
  • The lizard V-top, I made using brown crocodile pleather, which I patterned and sewed. I wanted this to be separate, so I would have the normal uniform too.
  • The wig I bought from the local mall.
  • The boots and belt, I had at home.
  • The V-gun was 3D printed for me by FairyFountains – and it lights up!!!! 


I have never felt so 80’s in my life!!! I could of teased the wig more but it was a fun cosplay. She definitely a popular character with the older generations!!!  Though I wanted to be a bad guy, I’m not really a mean person, so I wasn’t as bad as I should of been.

Worn at:

Icon 2016

A very special thank you to Ange for the featured cosplay pic of me; and to Kali Kitty Cosplay And ZeroKelvin Cosplay for the pictures!! xxx


full body photograph of Diana Cosplay holding Laser gun
Photo by Kali Kitty Cosplay
Photograph of Diana Cosplay in the dark
Photo by Gate Walker Cosplay | Posted on ZeroKelvin Cosplay FB Page


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