Magneto is just one of those characters you’re absolutely drawn to! Maybe it’s his incredible powers, maybe it’s because he’s a good guy/bad guy. I needed to make a Magneto Cosplay!!

Cover of Magneto comic book from Marvel
Magneto Comic book cover


Magento is from the X-men comics. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby; and published by Marvel comics. His first appearance was in September 1963, in The X-men #1. Magneto has the ability to generate and control magnetic fields, his best friend and arch-enemy is Charles Xavier (aka Professor X) and he wants to conquer the world for Homo superiors (aka mutants).

I’m a big comic book fan, and I loved watching the 1980’s X-men cartoon series. Therefore when it came to what Magneto needed to look like, I had no other option but the classic red and purple.

Magneto Cosplay on stage at Geekfest 2015
Photo by Muller Time Photography


  • The original bodysuit was made by my local dance shop. In 2016, I made my own bodysuit, which I love because it feels like a soft red onesie!!
  • The cape, underpants and gloves, I sewed myself.
  • The shoulder, arm and leg armour was made out of foam and covered in worbla, I did this with the belt too.
  • The boots I bought and customized them by painting them purple.
  • The hardest part of this cosplay was making his epic helmet – I went online and found a pepakura pattern, which I transferred to cardboard and cut out a helmet – perfect fit, until I put on the wig! (*HINT – always measure your head with your hair tied up and the wig on!*). I realised I had to add an extra 4cms all-round just for more comfort. Finally covering it in polyfiller (sort of like Bondo), so I could sand it smooth. I then glued on the details which I made using craft foam. The helmet took me a month to make (on and off) and I’m super proud of myself, as it was the first time I used this technique.
Magneto cosplay standing on stage, with right fist in the air, at Geekfest 2015
Photo by Rockin Pix


The leg-guards were heavy and hurt my shins, but I had a lot of fun wearing my Magneto Cosplay. I felt really powerful and he’s a really cool characters. The cosplay brought out the villain in me! As a result I tended to shout a lot, maybe it’s cos of the helmet, who knows! 🙂

Worn at:

Geekfest 2015

Hobby Island Cosplay Competition 2016

Magento Cosplay at home with arms outstretched
Photo by Jacques Nelles
Magneto Cosplay using his powers at Hobby Island Event 2016
Photo by Vile Photography and Art
Work in Progress of making the arm bracers
Arm brace done
Foam cutouts of the shin guards and shoulder armour
Shin guards done and tested, same with should armour
Magneto Cosplay helmet made from cardboard glued together
Helmet made from cardboard
Adding foam details to Magneto Cosplay helmet
Helmet smoothed and now adding the details



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