My first teddy-bear was a giant Pink Panther and my first doll was a He-man toy, so when Filmation made She-ra – I just had to have everything She-ra! I think I still have one of those old sticker books that you could cut out and make a bedroom mobile with it, I just could never get all the stickers! I am proud to present my She-ra cosplay!

She-ra cosplay by Sam Secrets Johannesburg, South Africa. She-ra's sword is held above her head.
Photo by Friend

“first time I made a breastplate”


The Princess of Power is an incredible character! If you’ve seen The Secret of the Sword movie (1985), you know that she is Prince Adam’s twin sister who was stolen by Hordak when she was just a baby. Hordak took her to Etheria, where he and Shadoweaver keep her under a spell and she is known as Force Captain Adora. When He-man gives her the Sword of Protection, which is a copy of He-Man’s Sword of Power, except with a gem; she soon realises that the Horde are evil and when she says her magical words – ‘For the Honour of Grayskull’, she transforms into She-ra!!

She-ra is special in that she tries to make up for all the wrong she did as one of the Horde but the amazing characters she deals with are really the highlight of this cartoon series.

She-ra from the animated series holding her sword above her head
She-ra from the animated series


Hahaha! This was the first time I made a breastplate. It’s not as easy as it looks, especially to make for big boobs. But after much sculpting and stretching I finally got the worbla to the right shape.

  • I made a skirt with lycra, and the top I used an old boobtube I had.
  • The breastplate and details were all made with yoga mats and worbla. I attached belts to it, so it gave it a more gladiator look, but also to keep the breastplate in place.
  • I made the belt with foam and worbla.
  • The tiara is made with foam attached to a kiddies tiara and covered in worbla. I glued combs to it so I could keep it on my head. And glued a red gem to it, which I found at a fleamarket.
  • I bought some high-heeled boots which were a pinky colour and I painted them with gold fabric paint.
  • I made the choker out of worbla and then I sewed the cape which was then glued to the choker to form 1 piece.
  • For the sword I used a dowel stick and foam as a skeleton. I then paper mache’d it. Covered in Gesso to smooth, and then painted silver. I glued blue gems to it, that I found at a fleamarket.
She-ra cosplay. She-ra holding her sword in ceremonial position.
Photo by Friend


As I said the sword was so badly made and so heavy. It was completely not practical but it was my first real prop. The tiara kept falling off at the con, but with some help from Pocket Size Cosplay, I added the combs and fixed it. She-ra is a fantastic character to be, I felt so strong and it was nice to be recognised by her fans!

Worn at:

Icon 2014

She-ra cosplay by Sam Secrets. Letting the chocker cool in shape around my neck
Letting the chocker cool in shape
She-ra Cosplay by Sam Secrets. Construction of She-ra's sword.
The sword…
Up close picture of She-ra's sword in the making
All the round corners kill me!
She-ra's tiara is made of a kiddies tiara and worbla. The worbla attached to a kiddies taira
The worbla attached to a kiddies taira
The tiara with sanding.
The tiara
All the pieces for my She-ra cosplay getting gesso-ed up
All the pieces getting gesso-ed up
My favourite piece! The emblem on her breastplate all gold and shiny!
My favourite piece! The emblem on her breastplate all gold and shiny!




Great Cosplay! I hope you will wear it someday for a Hordak She-Ra photoshoot!


    I’d love too, anytime!!!! I’d like to re-make my sword, but I am ready!! 😀

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