Futurama has to be one of the best animated TV series ever!! It’s classic, humorous and just out of this world!! And it features one of the best space captains, therefore I just had to make a Leela Cosplay!

Leela Cosplay kicking up
Photo by Sheena Wood Photography

Matt Groening created this funny sci-fi series in 1999, it follows the story of Philip J. Fry who accidentally falls into a cryogenic capsule on New Year’s Eve 1999. He awakes 1000 years later in the 31-Century! It’s a great show – watch it!!


One of the first people Fry meets is Turanga Leela. She’s a sexy, kill-you-with-one-finger cyclops. Voiced by the incredible Katey Sagal; Leela is a strong, dependable Captain. At first we learn that Leela is an alien who was left on earth and the only one of her kind, but as the show get more and more elaborate and crazy, we find out that she is actually a Mutant. Because her only deformity was her eye, her parents thought it was best if she grew up with other normal humans on the surface. From episode to episode, she is the hero who saves the day, while Fry and Bender get everyone in trouble. Leela is such a great character, she’s so feminine but I love her strong sexy brash nature.

Drawing of Turanga Leela from Futurama TV Show
Pic of Leela from Futurama TV Show


  • My normal wardrobe consists of nothing but leggings and tank tops, so it was easy to find a white shirt and black leggings at home.
  • The eye, I made using a simple costume mask, which I cut smaller to make it look more like an eye. I then wrapped layers of white netting around it, so it covered the eye-holes and looked smooth. I made the eyelashes and pupil using interfacing, which I coloured black and then glued to the mask. It was attached with elastic.
  • I found a pair of grey felt boots, which I then altered to look like hers – I painted the base black and cut holes in it to thread elastic through.
  • Her wrist-computer – I made using EVA foam, as the base and craft foam as a second layer to add the dials and screen. Her dials are cola-bottle caps and I used cardboard for the screen. 
  • The wig was bought from the local mall.

“I love her strong sexy brash nature”


I can totally do whatever I want in this cosplay, so easy to put together and wear. I was super lucky to have my friend, Netas Cosplay join me with his incredible Zapp Brannigan cosplay. It was loads of fun!

Worn at:

Icon 2016

Zapp Brannigan Cosplay and Leela Cosplay standing posing back to back
Zapp Brannigan Cosplay by Netas Cosplay / Photo by Sheena Wood Photography


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