Oh my gosh! What the hell am I thinking! Cosplaying an epic character like Wonder Woman and then to make Wonder Woman’s Divine Armour!! My answer is to stop reading comics and then I won’t get any bright ideas to make such epic cosplays! But that’s never gonna happen!

So this Wonder Woman cosplay came about when I started reading The New 52 Wonder Woman series. There she was so beautiful, dressed in all her armour and ready to kick Hades butt! And as soon as I saw the illustrations, I just knew I had to cosplay her.

Drawing of Wonder Woman's Divine Armour from the comic book
Wonder Woman Divine Armour Sketch by Cliff Chiang


Now firstly it’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing who Diana / Wonder Woman is – but here’s a brief background (according to the New 52 series, released 2011): Diana is an Amazonian, born on Themyscira (aka Paradise Island – invisible to the outside world, protected by the Gods). She is the daughter of Hippolyta and the God Zeus. 

She’s strong, invincible and has the powers of a god – she’s just down right a kickass character. She is a role-model to women and girls everywhere!

Wonder Woman Divine Armour Cosplay posing with sword
Photo by Allan Riedel


So how in the world was a gonna make this epic picture by Cliff Chiang come to life, so began my Wonder Woman’s Divine Armour build. My main problem was that I needed her arm manica to be able to move because I still needed to make a video of all the awesome cosplays at the event. LOL we all know that artists don’t make outfits that actually work in the real world, but I needed mine too! It took me at least a month of different ideas and examples before I decided on the final construction.

  • The tiara, chestplate, arm cuffs, manica and belt were all made out of eva foam and covered in worbla.
  • I was really happy with the way the belt-skirt came out. The skirt part, I made using craft foam and then covering the pieces in blue pleather – this way the pieces held their shape, but looked still leathery.
  • The base of the cosplay was just a simple old swimming suit, that I attached metallic fabric to, to make it look like metal scales.
  • My sword was crafted out of of balsa wood and painted.
  • The shield was a polystyrene cake board and covered in a bit of paper mache to give it the shape.
  • I even learnt to do simple electronics to make my lasso light up – which was just christmas lights attached to a small battery pack. A special thank you to The Wizard J for teaching me!
  • For the hair, I was very sneaky, my own hair was already dyed black, so I just made a hair extension to create the bun look – which was a black wig covering a round polystyrene ball.

“She is a role-model to women and girls everywhere!”


Wonder Woman’s Divine Armour cosplay was really uncomfortable to wear, due to the armour pieces being so rigid. I got such a great response from everyone at the Con and Cliff Chiang liked one of the pictures too on twitter – which had me beaming!

Worn at:

rAge 2015

Wonder Woman's Divine Armour cosplay posing at Rage Expo
Photo by TG Cosplay
Foam patterns for the leg shins
Cutting out and testing the pieces
The individual foam pieces for the arm manica, drying from sealing them with glue
Sealing all the little circles for the manica
Arm cuffs covered in worbla
Arm cuffs done – covered in worbla



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