Big Wonder Woman fan here!!!! I will one day do all her versions!!! She’s just soooo kickass!!! One of my favourite versions is from the Justice League Animated TV Series (2001) – I just love her sass!

Drawing of wonder woman with her left hand on hip
A picture of Wonder Woman – Justice League Cartoon


This amazing female superhero is such a fantastic role-model to women and girls everywhere. She’s strong, invincible, can easily go hand-to-hand with Superman and has the powers of a god. In the Justice League Animated TV Series, Diana starts off completely ignorant of “man’s world”. At first, she is a strict Amazonian with strong ideologies of men, but over time she softens and respects her teammates. Eventually even having a relationship with Batman.


  • It took me a while to figure out what I was doing, because I’d never made a pattern like this. I made the leotard from red and blue scuba material, which I love! I then used white iron-on vinyl to make the 3 stars. The emblem is made out of craft foam, painted gold and placed with velcro onto the top.
  • I made proper boot-covers for her boots – which was tricky but so worth it. And I hand-sewed the white t-shaped fabric onto them to create the finished look.
  • The tiara, cuffs and belt are all made from EVA foam.
  • LOL I used my natural hair for this one!
wonder woman cosplay standing on a balcony with a cat walking past
Wonder Woman with her ginger cat


So comfortable!!! I loved being so powerful, she really is an amazing character. I have to take the leotard back to the sewing machine to make it a little tighter.

Worn at:

Geekfest 2016


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