Oh my word what am I thinking! I can’t sew! But it’s Supergirl! And Michael Turner is so talented, why does he draw women so beautifully and if you’ve seen or read Soulfire, you know what I’m talking about!! Take a look at my Supergirl Cosplay!


Hello – do you know nothing!! She is one of the coolest Superheroes ever!! Kara Zor-El made her first appearance in Action Comics in May 1959. She’s the cousin of Superman and one of the last survivors of Krypton. She had her own movie in 1984 and now has a super cool TV series.

BUT let’s talk about this specific Supergirl, the New 52 series (Supergirl #1 2011). She was sent to earth to protect her baby cousin Kal El, but due to various reasons, Kal is now grown up and doesn’t need her protection. So Kara has to learn to be normal teenager but with incredible abilities – also it’s hinted that she’s possibly stronger and more powerful than Superman. I just love her independence, her love of humanity and her strong sexy brash nature.

“it was a great learning experience”

Michael Turner's Supergirl (Cosplay South Africa)
Michael Turner’s Supergirl
supergirl cosplay DC by max thomik photography
Photo by Max Thomik Photographic


The outfit seemed simple enough, and I thought why not try sew it!

  • I just bought a second-hand sewing machine (trying to remember the old days in Home Economics to even thread a machine, but I knew I could ask my mom for help). I watched a few online tutorials on how to sew and how to make my own patterns, so I took an old top cut it up and began my first sewing project. I found a nice stretchy material in baby blue, and I used yellow binding for the edges.
  • I painted the “Superman” logo on the top with fabric paint.
  • I bought the wig, boots and belt from the local mall.

“I just love her independence, her love of humanity and her strong sexy brash nature.”


supergirl cosplay zombie look and makeup

LOL looking back now – it’s so badly made, the one arm was longer than the other and the skirt just kept bunching up at the top BUT it was a great learning experience.

But truly for me, the best part of wearing this cosplay was the amazing response I got from little girls, who honestly just wanted me to be her, to be the superhero she really is.

Worn at:

G2C2 2014

I then transformed the outfit into a Zombie Supergirl cosplay for the Smallville Comics Zombie Walk in 2014.

Supergirl cosplay circle skirt pattern
Made a circle skirt pattern
Supergirl Cosplay sewing of T-shirt with binding and cape
Finished sewing a T-shirt for the first time with binding, and started with the cape
Supergirl Cosplay painted the 'Super' symbol on with fabric paint
So I painted the ‘Super’ symbol on with fabric paint
Supergirl Cosplay cape with binding
Cape with binding


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