OK, I really really love Supergirl, she’s everything I’d like to be – beautiful, smart, powerful and laser-eyes don’t hurt either! So I had to make another Supergirl Cosplay.


Close up pic of Supergirl cosplay
Photo by Allan Riedel

Supergirl has a variety of backstories and I’ve already talked about one of them in my previous Supergirl – Michael Turner cosplay article. But let’s talk about this Supergirl, from the animated TV series (1990). Kara In-Ze, is the last survivor from the planet Argo, Superman exploring that region of space, found her in a cryogenic chamber and brought her back to earth. He introduced her to his adoptive parents and she was raised as Jonathan Kent’s niece.

What’s really cool about this Supergirl is, Superman sees her as a peer and someone to rely on. She’s also seen kicking ass alongside another awesome femme fatale, Batgirl; and she eventually becomes a member of the Justice League.

Compared to the other Supergirls, she’s more sure of herself and is a total free spirit. Also I just really loved the way she was drawn!

“This is one of my easiest and move-able cosplays I have”

Drawing of Supergirl flying from the cartoon series
Supergirl from the Animated TV series


supergirl cosplay on top of mountain facing down
Photo by Muller Time Photography

I took her original outfit to create this Supergirl Cosplay, which is before she joined the Justice League. It’s the white shirt, instead of the traditional blue.

  • The wig, gloves, aliceband and boots, all came from the local mall.
  • I bought a white t-shirt and sewed on the black binding around the ends, and made a cape and sewed that onto the shirt as well.
  • The “Superman” logo is painted on the top with fabric paint.
  • The skirt is made from scratch using an old skirt as a pattern and blue scuba material.


The Supergirl Cosplay is one of my easiest and move-able cosplays I have. She’ll always be an icon character and everyone loves her.

Worn at:

Smallville Comics 2014

Cospicnic JHB 2014

supergirl cosplay standing in park with cape flying
Photo by Allan Riedel
Supergirl cosplay holding up on her shoulder a Miss Piggy cosplay
Miss Piggy cosplay by Seampunk / Photo by Troll Bridge Photography


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