Have I told you how much I love powerful strong women? Well Stargirl is one of them!!! Kicking-ass and saving the world!! And once again I turned to Ant Lucia for inspiration to create my Stargirl Cosplay.

Drawing of Stargirl Bombshell - it looks like a movie poster
Artwork by Ant Lucia


Courtney Whitmore is just your average American teenager, who happens to be a superhero. She made her first appearance in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E #0 in 1999. Courtney took over from the previous Star-Spangled Kid when she found the retired hero’s gear. Later Starman gave her his cosmic staff, and to honour him she took the name Stargirl. She’s a fantastic hero who was part of the Justice League, Justice Society and Suicide Squad.

Again, I chose Ant Lucia’s DC Bombshell version because it’s a classic fiery look for her, and really different to the way Courtney normally is. So to give you a bit of a breakdown to this universe – Kortni Duginovna (born Courtney Whitmore), is the love child of a Russian girl and an English aristocrat. The 2 lovers were separated and Kortni was raised by her mother in Russia. One day, a meteor fell out of the sky, and they found Kara (Supergirl). The 2 became best friends and sisters. The comic series is great! DC Comics Bombshells was released in 2015. I love it because it’s filled with all our famous super ladies doing their bit to save the world.

Stargirl Cosplay saluting
Photo by Varona Naude Photography

“Kicking-ass and saving the world!!”


  • I couldn’t find a playsuit pattern anywhere! Therefore I used a short and shirt pattern and stitched the 2 pieces together. The outfit was made from scuba. I made the red binding from red stretch material. The stars and leg-cuffs are a white vinyl.
  • The belt, I made using EVA foam and covering it in red stretch material. I hand-sewed the buttons on the front.
  • The ever awesome Sin Bin made the goggles.
  • The wig and socks I bought from the local mall.
  • I made the boots, using a pair of old gum-boots, I glued a piece of eva foam to get the flap. Finally gluing material to that. I sewed the belts and buckles onto the material.
  • The gloves I made using the blue fabric.


The gum-boots are soo uncomfortable! Also my glue was not strong enough, the fabric started falling off the boots at the end of the day!! I made quite a few mistakes on this cosplay but I thought I’d just have fun with it anyway.

Worn at:

Smallville Comics Cosplay Contest 2016

dc bombshell group with lois lane; supergirl, bluebird; black canary; hawkgirl; stargirl; and 2 harley quinns
(L-R) Linda as Lois Lane; Meme Le Meow as Supergirl; Fallyn as Bluebird; Fern as Black Canary; Kali Kitty cosplay as Hawkgril; Myself as Stargirl; the Harleys are Cat’s Tail Cosplay and Annakapat Cosplay / Photo by Varona Naude Photography
Stargirl and Supergirl saluting
Stargirl and Supergirl (Meme Le Meow) / Photo by Varona Naude Photography


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