I loved watching the He-man cartoon series by Filmation (1983). And because of that my first doll was a He-man figurine, one of those old school ones made of metal and you could stretch the legs out and they would snap back – they really don’t make toys like that anymore. One of my favourite characters from the series is, The Sorceress, because she’s kind, strong and don’t get on her bad side.

“she is among the most powerful beings on Eternia”


Sorceress Cosplay looking up
Photo by Jay Caboz (Cos We Play Project)

Masters Of The Universe was created by Mattel in 1981 based off their toy line. My favourite version of The Sorceress is from the original series, because that’s the one I grew up too. The Sorceress is a powerful magician, and uses her gifts to Protect Eternia. The Sorceress provided Prince Adam with the Sword of Power, so that he could become He-Man (she also did this for Princess Adora to become She-ra). Unfortunately she cannot use her powers outside of the castle, and her only option is to become Zoar, a falcon. One of her most used abilities is to communicate telepathically with several of her most trusted friends.

For most of the series, we only knew that The Sorceress is the Guardian of Castle Greyskull. It is only much later that we find out that The Sorceress was a normal woman, named Teela Na, who sacrificed herself to save her village and Eternia from the evil Morgoth and the Horde.

With a vast knowledge of magic and history, she is among the most powerful beings on Eternia. He-Man often seeks her counsel, especially when situations are at their worst. She is inspirational, selfless, kind and always there for her friends.

Pictures of the Sorceress from different angles
Drawing of The Sorceress from He-man


Sorceress Cosplay looking at camera
Photo by Jay Caboz (Cos We Play Project)

Heads up – Feathers are super expensive!! Yet for some reason, I couldn’t get it out of my head that i needed to make this cosplay with feathers. Now that I know there are some great tutorials for turning EVA foam into feathers, I will do that next time.

  • First off, I made the “falcon cowl” (head piece), where I made a paper mache bowl for the base and glued EVA foam around it for more shape. I then proceeded to glue several feathers onto it, finally styling the feathers with a scissor and hair gel. I made the “face” using EVA foam, sealed and painted. The eyes were made from hot glue poured into a mould and then painted.
  • I started with a simple white leotard design, and making a pattern to have the top half of the leotard blue, with blue sleeves and collar.
  • I made boot covers and hand sewed a piece of a feather boa around the tops.
  • Using pieces of fabric, sewn together to create layers, I made the wings. I then glued and hand-sewed some feathers on the edges to make it more bird-like.


As I said earlier, I would definitely re-think how to make feathers, but I had a ton of fun at the Con. We made a small Masters of the Universe group and we could not move for hours, people loved it. It’s not the best outfit for filming a video but she’s an awesome character!!

Worn at:

rAge 2016

Masters of The Universe Group picture in front of Castle Greyskull
MotU Cosplay Group: (L-R) ZeroKelvin Cosplay; Chris Smithard; The Wizard J; (front) Samsecrets


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