One of my favourite place in the whole world decided to have a Cosplay Competition. And some amazing cosplayers rocked it for the Smallville Comics Cosplay Competition 2015!

Smallville Comics┬áin Alberton, Johannesburg, is one of my “not-so-secret” favourite places. Joe and his team are the greatest! I love going there to get all my comic books, figurines, and POPS. They have an amazing collection to shop and a chill area, where you can sit, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and read your new comics.

This year, to celebrate, they threw the first Smallville Comics Cosplay Competition with a mini fleamarket. There was so much geeky stuff to buy and the cosplays – I love it when your favourite things come together, whoohoo!!!!

Smallville Comics Cosplay Competition 2015 Cosplayers:

Nerd King Cosplay

Misfit Cosplay

Gate Walker Cosplay

ZeroKelvin Cosplay


Silver Angel C

Vanity Insanity Cosplay

Kali Kitty Cosplay

Cat’s Tail Cosplay

Cosplay Weirdos

Miss Spidey Cosplay

Last Minute Cosplay

Sliding Door’s Cosplay

Please let me know if you were featured in this video, I’d love to post a link.



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