I love this anime!!

Deadman Wonderland is just one of those manga/anime series that you just can’t get enough of. Written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou in 2008. The Anime was released in 2011.

“she’s invincible, crazy and dangerous!”

shiro cosplay sitting down by brick wall and blood
Photo by Sheena Wood Photography

As in most Japanese stories, Japan is “destroyed” by a strange anomaly and most of Tokyo is under water. The main character is, Ganta Igarashi, who is convicted of killing his entire class and is sentenced to death on Deadman Wonderland, an amusement park type prison. 

In a twist, Ganta develops a strange ability to manipulate his own blood, turning it into a weapon – ‘Branches of Sin’. He is then assigned to the Carnival Corpse, which are blood duels against other prisoners for entertainment purposes. And this is where a lot of the fun comes in – but that’s because I’m a gore fan!

shiro cosplay standing by white wall with blood dripping behind - johannesburg
Photo by Sheena Wood Photography


Shiro is this crazy child-like character, she is very different from the other prisoners – she doesn’t wear the same uniform or collar, it’s as if she was free and not a prisoner. She also loves pudding and sweets, which I can totally relate to. We find out in the anime that she’s Ganta’s childhood friend, and that she was experimented on as a child, causing her to be the first with the Branches of Sin’.

BIG SPOILER:  Shiro caused the anomaly that wrecked Japan and what’s really cool is, she has a split personality which is the Red Man or Wretched Egg (dun dun daaaa).

I love Shiro because she is just this bubbly child but when it comes down to it she’s invincible, crazy and dangerous!


  • The white wig and slops (I can’t walk around bare-foot) came from the local mall.
  • I bought a white bodysuit, which I had to carefully, very very carefully, paint the circles and patterns on with red fabric paint.
  • I customised the feet of the suit, so it was the same as hers, by cutting and hand-sewing the ends.
  • The gloves were made using brown felt, and the straps are pleather with buckles attached. I actually sewed the straps onto the gloves, so I wouldn’t loose them.
  • The collar was a store-bought neck-brace and adding foam to it to give it the right pattern. I then painted it with silver-white paint and sealed with resin. This is soo uncomfortable to wear!
shiro cosplay waving in pretoria botanical gardens
Photo by Corpsedoll Cosplay


The Shiro cosplay is so much fun to wear, you can be silly and all-over-the place and it’s just Shiro! I’d like to one day add to her outfit and make the Red Man additions, just so I can be evil for a bit too!

Worn at:

May Cospicnic PTA 2014

Icon 2015


 progress of making the neckbrace and adding eva foam
Using a neckbrace and adding foam
adding craft foam details to neckbrace
Adding details
Samsecrets cosplay trying on Shiro cosplay neckbrace
haha it fits!


adding primer to smooth and paint the neckbrace
Adding gesso to make sure it smooth


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