I have a “little” anger problem, and I can see why the Gods did not favour me with super strength – even though I want that power the most!

she-hulk cosplay in a hole pulling a computer apart
Photo by Sheena Wood Photography


A lot of people don’t really know about this epic Marvel character – she’s smart, funny, sassy and can seriously kick your butt! She-Hulk made her first appearance in “Savage She-Hulk #1” (1980). Jennifer Walters was a lawyer, and a damn good one. One day, Jennifer was shot and she needed a blood-transfusion desperately. The only person who could help her was her cousin, Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk). The radioactive blood changed Jennifer into the She-Hulk!!!

drawing of She-Hulk being the defender of justice, holding weights and her 1 eye covered
She-Hulk Comic Book

Jennifer would change into the savage hulk, like Bruce does, but over time she eventually learned to keep her head about her, and was an intelligent Hulk. She loved being so confident and strong! She’s been part of the Avengers and during her time as part of the Fantastic Four, she was exposed to a radiation leak which made turning back into Jennifer impossible – which funny enough suited her.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I tend to cosplay powerful, strong, sexy women; what could be better than the strongest of all, SHE-HULK!!!!

she-hulk cosplay standing on the side of an electric pylon
Photo by Sheena Wood Photography


  • This cosplay requires a lot of body painting – which I used Kryolan body paint with paint brushes (sponges didn’t really work for me) – but I only painted my arms and face – it takes several layers of paint to get just the right green. (Hint: be sure to give yourself time to do this, as you want to try and get every layer dry before you start another layer)
  • The wig, white shuffle-socks and green stockings came from the local mall.
  • The white sneakers and customised them to look more like her shoes – basically removing the tongue, and glueing here and there.
  • I dyed a pair of white work-out gloves purple. I also cut the finger-ends off so it looks like hers.
  • The white polo-neck leotard came from a dance boutique, and painted the sides with purple fabric paint and then for safety, I sealed the purple paint with a fabric varnish.

She loved being so confident and strong!


Unfortunately, everyone thinks you’re dressed up as a female Hulk, because she’s not widely known – hopefully with the new series released in 2014, and with the A-force comics (2016), she’ll become a more recognisable character! But my She-Hulk Cosplay brings out the super strength in me, even though I leave green fingerprints all over the place!

Worn at:

Smallville Comics 2.0 Grand Opening 2015

she-hulk cosplay at Smallville Comics Johannesburg
Photo by Linda Jager
Cartoon picture of She-Hulk Cosplay
Photo and edit by Sheena Wood Photography
Work in progress picture of white leotard drying with purple paint
Leotard drying after I painted the sides purple


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