WOW! rAge Expo 2016 DAY 3 Cosplay Video! What an epic weekend and so many awesome cosplays!!

Thanks to everyone I managed to film, I learned that wings are not the best to film people with, so I have to get an assistant if I want to do elaborate cosplays. But I hope you all like it!! Whoohoo Day 3!!!

Song: Philip George & Dragonette – Feel This Way

rAge Expo 2016 Day 3 Cosplay Video Cosplayers:

Beleran’s Aerie
Annakapat Cosplay
Axefield Cosplay
Misfit Cosplay
The Wizard J
Chris Smithard / madeyoulook*
ZeroKelvin Cosplay
Baka Sakura Cosplay
LuluHannie Cosplay
Miss Spidey Cosplay
Last Minute Cosplay
KerBear Cosplay
Forest Wolf Cosplay
Sliding Door’s Cosplay
RedHead Cosplay
Maramosa Cosplay
Lynzaykat’s Crazy Adventure
Kinpatsu Cosplay
Kali Kitty Cosplay
The Cosplay Cartel
Tiffle Monster Creations
JinxKittie Cosplay

Please let me know if you were featured and would like a link to your page!! 😀


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