EPIC COSPLAYS!!!! rAge Expo 2016 Day 2 Cosplay Video!!!

This day has to be the fullest, so many people and so many cosplays!! Watch out for the Squirtle squad – dangerous!!! 😀

Years & Years – Meteorite
Hardknox – Fire Like This

rAge Expo 2016 Day 2 Cosplay Video Cosplayers:

Netas Cosplay
Misfit Cosplay
Miss Spidey Cosplay
Sliding Door’s Cosplay
Captain Kawaii Cosplay
Jinx Skye Garfield
Lady Luka Cosplay
Natsu Cosplay
LuluHannie Cosplay
Puggy Penguin Cosplay
Cat’s Tail Cosplay
Doomcookie Cosplay
Silver Angel C
Vanity Insanity Cosplay
Kali Kitty Cosplay
Puff Pie Takes On The World and Cosplay
Axefield Cosplay
Annakapat Cosplay
Dracan Redfox Cosplay
Overlord Atobe Cosplay
Kuro Chrome Cosplay
Nixie Lab
Yamaki Yama

Please let me know if you have a cosplay page, I’d love to add the link! 😀


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