rAge Expo 2015 Cosplay Video!!! The most epic SA cosplays ever!!!

rAge Expo started years ago and it’s grown bigger every year! Due to this it’s now the largest gaming, technology and geek expo in South Africa. And as a result, drawing crowds of over 30 000 people in just 3 days. I go to see the latest games and geeky stuff. Most of all, cosplayers create their most elaborate costumes for this event!!

rAge Expo 2015 Cosplay Video Cosplayers –

Cywiel Cosplay

Sliding Door’s Cosplay

Misfit Cosplay

Puff Pie Takes On The World and Cosplay

Galeforce Cosplay


Lynzaykat’s Crazy Adventure

Axefield Cosplay

Oh Hai Maru Cospleh

Foxi Cosplay

Rockreaperz Cosplay

Annakapat Cosplay

Kali Kitty Cosplay

KomboKitten Online

Cosplay Weirdos

Yamaki Yama

Miss Spidey Cosplay

Netas Cosplay

RedHead Cosplay

GiantShev Cosplay 

Kinpatsu Cosplay

Puggy Penguin Cosplay

Natsu Cosplay

Cat’s Tail Cosplay

Forest Wolf Cosplay

PSYclops Cosplay


Lady Frostine

Vanity Insanity Cosplay

Lady Luka Cosplay

Partners In Crime Cosplay

Zee Cosplay

The Cosplay Cartel 

JinxKittie Cosplay

Silver Angel C

The Wizard J

Raiju Cosplay

Gate Walker Cosplay

Exiled Noxian Cosplay

Kelga Creations

Finally, please let me know if you were featured and would like your page shared.


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