As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I really really love Supergirl and all that comes with her… so what could be better than doing a more adult version of her – the more buxom Power Girl!!!

Power Girl Cosplay posing at Smallville Comics
Photo by Silver Angel C / All Otaku Magazine


Who is this charismatic, fun-loving, superbeing? Well, Kara Zor-L, aka Karen Starr, is the alternate version of Supergirl from Earth-2. Her first appearance was in the All Star Comics #58 in 1976, so she’s had her fair share of comics – I particularly love the new “Harley Quinn and Power Girl” comics that DC released June 2015.

Like the Supergirl we know, her origin story is pretty much the same, except when she landed on Earth she was in the 20s. As a result, Kara sought to distance herself from her cousin and be her own person, thus adopting the name “Power Girl” and decided to wear white. She’s sassy, beautiful, independant, invincible and has super powers, my kinda girl!

Cover of Power Girl Comic from DC Comics
Power Girl Comic Book – DC Comics


  • I bought the wig and boots from the local mall.
  • The bodysuit, I had a friend help me make it, because I wanted it to be perfect – especially the “boob-window”. Also she has access to an over-locker which really made my day!
  • I made the cape, gloves and belt.
  • The gold clasps on the cape and belt were made out of foam and covered in a thermoplastic.

“my kinda girl!”


Power Girl is such an iconic characters and my Power Girl Cosplay was super well-received at the Comic book event. I loved every minute cosplaying her. She’s definitely one of my favourites. I felt so cool and confident.

Worn at:

Smallville Comics Cosplay Contest 2015

Power Girl Cosplay standing on a Smallvile Comics logo
Photo and edit by Vanora Naude Photography


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