Just a super fun video of our One Piece Cosplay Group!!

rAge Expo 2016 was so much fun and I was lucky enough to be part of a One Piece Group. So obviously who could resist making a cosplay video!!! Thank you to all the wonderful cosplayers and to Mr Cloak and Dagger for mixing this awesome song!

Hope you all like it and please subscribe to my youtube channel!!!


One Piece Cosplay Group Video Cosplayers:

CHOPPER – Puggy Penguin Cosplay

ZORO – Nicole-mari Nienaber

SANJI – Lady Luka Cosplay

BROOK – Jarrod J van Vuuren

FRANKIE – Cat’s Tail Cosplay

ROBIN – Overlord Atobe Cosplay

NAMI – Samsecrets 

LUFFY – Silver Angel C 

USOPP – Steve Kitley

One Piece Cosplay Group posing
One Piece cosplayers: (L-R) Nicole-mari Nienaber; Lady Luka Cosplay; Jarrod J van Vuuren; Cat’s Tail Cosplay; Steve Kitley; Overlord Atobe Cosplay; (front) Samsecrets; Silver Angel C and Puggy Penguin Cosplay


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