I’m a huge Studio Ghibli fan, their animated movies are beautiful, haunting and utterly brilliant. They have over 20 movies – and all are worth watching!! I am proud to present my No Face cosplay!

Spirited Away is a Japanese animation, released in 2001. It tells the tale of Chihiro, a little girl, who while moving to a new neighbourhood, accidentally enters the spirit world. Chihiro takes a job working in a witch’s bathhouse to find a way to free herself and her parents.


No Face is a wonderful character, when we first see him, he’s a shy, strange, and lonely creature. When Chihiro accidentally lets him into the bathhouse, we learn how this spirit reacts to emotions, becoming a monster of greed and dissatisfaction. With Chihiro’s help and once he left the bathhouse, he becomes his former demure self. His character is someone of pure innocence and that’s what I love about him, he’s also very kind and wants to help others.

No face cosplay picture. kaonashi from spirited away Photo by Peachy Dragon Photography
Photo by Peachy Dragon Photography


This one was fun and so quick to make.

  • So I had several meters of black fabric lying around, so I made the body-cloak using the fabric wrapped around myself and sewn together.
  • I bought a hardhat from hardware store, and attached an old pillow on top to give myself the height (the idea was that I could see out of the mouth). And then draped fabric around it. This was so I could take the head off without having to remove the entire outfit.
  • I wore a pair of stockings and gloves from the mall.
  • I then made the face from foam, cut out an opening for the mouth and painted it. I attached the Face to the hardhat with glue and string to make sure it stayed in place.
no face cosplay by Sam Secrets.
Photo by Peachy Dragon Photography


I wore this No Face cosplay to a Mall, so I had to take the head off because I realised it’s kinda scary and children don’t respond well. No Face is a fun and great character to cosplay especially at Anime events.

Worn at:

Pretoria Cosplay Sushi Meetup 2014


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