LOL Seaman!!! I absolutely love Aquaman (More Fun Comics #73, 1941)! And a Mera Cosplay sounds epic!

I’m always drawn towards to Aquaman comics, maybe it’s because I’ve got an obsession with mystery and Aquaman being half-Atlantean made him so cool. I could be because he always struggled to be accepted and rose up to be King; maybe it’s because I’m scared of the ocean and it’s gargantuan waters with all sorts of sea-creatures.  

Drawing of Mera floating under water using her powers
Picture of Mera from Aquaman


Her first appearance was in Aquaman #11 (1963), she is known as the Queen of the Sea, and married to Arthur Curry (aka Aquaman). Mera is one of the coolest superheroes ever, besides being an incredible fighter and warrior, she can manipulate water to become solid or hard, so she can use it as a weapon or to lift objects up (she has been known to raise armies), she also has super strength.


  • I couldn’t find green glittery lycra anywhere! But I managed to get a green shiny jersey knit fabric, which was see-through. So to fix that, I bought some plain green lycra too. I made a bodysuit pattern for each and sewed the 2 fabrics together. For the back of my calves, I made fins, which I cut out of the materials and placed a small piece of craft foam inside, so they would hold stiff.
  • I made separate booties, so I could take my shoes off if I needed to.

    Medium shot of Mera Cosplay smiling holding trident
    Photo by Natasha-Badenhorst aka Ellatáriel
  • The tiara was made with simple craft foam, and then glued onto an aliceband.
  • The bodysuit had shells on her wrists, which I then took a simple shell mould and cut the shells out, painted gold and sewed onto the bodysuit.
  • The wig and earrings I bought from the local mall.
  • The Aquaman Trident (I know she doesn’t have one, but I couldn’t help myself!), I made using various sizes of PVC pipes, drilling and glueing together. I made the sharp points with foam and worbla. Sprayed the entire thing gold.
Photo of Mera Cosplay holding trident at Geekfest 2016
Photo by Silver Angel C


LOL Mera is not really recognisable, but I did have some little girls think I was the most amazing Mermaid Princess, which is technically the same thing! And I got to stab people with my trident.

Worn at:

Geekfest 2016

NATV & GES Mall Cosplay Competition 2016

Mera Cosplay posing at Geekfest 2016 smiling with trident at her side
Photo by Natasha-Badenhorst aka Ellatáriel
Photo from Mall of Monster Hunter Cosplay, Howl Cosplay, Kylo Ren Cosplay, Assassin's Creed Cosplay, Mera Cosplay, Hanji Cosplay, Darth Revan Cosplay and Jinx Cosplay
(L-R) Kelga Creations; The Wizard J; Sliding Door’s Cosplay; Kali Kitty Cosplay; SamSecrets; Serenity Sensei; Netas Cosplay; (sitting) SushiBunny / Photo by GES – Gaming Entertainment Solutions


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