Another great Studio Ghibli movie!! Kiki’s Delivery Service is a Japanese animation, released in 1989. It was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and was adapted from a novel by the same name written by Eiko Kadono in 1985.

Drawing of Kiki flying over the city on her broomstick
A pic from the movie

As with most Studio Ghibli movies, the story revolves around a little girl, named Kiki. But Kiki is no ordinary child, she’s a witch! All witches on their 13th birthday, fly away to discover their gifts and find a new town to be the local witch there. Kiki and her little black cat, Jiji, fly off towards the sea and find the lovely town of Koriko. Kiki doesn’t know what her gifts are and the town is not used to witches. So she decides to use her flying skills to become a delivery service. It’s a great story about coming of age, learning to be independent and finding true confidence.

Close up picture of my Kiki Cosplay holding the broom
photo by Kali Kitty Cosplay


Kiki is an over-ambitious character, but she’s kind and shy, and so willing to help others. I love her eagerness and the silly mistakes along the way. The other characters that she meets are just delightful, and poor Tombo’s obsession with her is too funny. After watching this movie, I knew I had to make a Kiki Cosplay.


So easy, quick and fun to make!!

  • Still a first time sewing, but I managed to make a pattern from a dress I have. I made her dress using mini matt fabric (not a great idea, the fabric is cheap but it doesn’t breathe, so it can get quite hot).
  • The bow I made with red mini matt fabric, which I also sewed clips on so the band wouldn’t fall off.
  • I bought the broom from the hardware store
  • The wig and shoes came from the local mall.
  • Weirdly I had some orange-y fabric lying around, so I sewed the bag as well, just placing in a piece of cardboard to keep the “rectangle” shape.
  • The white bloomers are from Miyu clothing just for extra fun! 
Kiki Cosplay searching the sky while on her broom
Photo by Muller Time Photography


Absolutely so fun!! I could do all sorts of crazy stuff with my Kiki cosplay. And everyone loves Kiki!!

Worn at:

Meru Cosplay Picnic 2015

Kiki Cosplay standing with broom at a park
Photo by Kali Kitty Cosplay
Kiki Cosplay standing by a lake with a farm house in the background
Photo by friend
Work in progress picture of the Kiki Cosplay dress
Yay! I can sew a dress!


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