ICON 2016 Part 1 Cosplay Video!!!!! Some serious cosplay!!

ICON is a Comic and Gaming Convention event held over 3 days. This year was bigger and more awesome! It was held at Gallagher Convention Center. They had several special guests and games – table-top, roleplaying and board games. Some of the best geeky stuff from exhibitors, cool ass art from the artist alley and of course my favourite part – COSPLAY!!!!

ICON 2016 Part 1 Cosplayers:

(in order of appearance)
Lynzaykat’s Crazy Adventures
Annakapat Cosplay
The Cosplay Cartel
Misfit Cosplay
Kali Kitty Cosplay
RedHead Cosplay
KomboKitten Online
Baka Sakura Cosplay
Axefield Cosplay
Justine Kosuplay
GiantShev Cosplay
ShadowWolf Cosplay
Kinpatsu Cosplay
TAG Cosplay
The Wizard J
Puggy Penguin Cosplay
Puff Pie Takes On The World and Cosplay
Sliding Door’s Cosplay
Disorder J Cosplay
FF Cosplay

Please let me know if you were featured and would like a link to your page or website 🙂


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