Icon 2015 Cosplay Video! This event is so great with lots of things for the whole family to do!

Icon Comics and Game Convention is da bomb! It’s held in Johannesburg and features tabletop games, a little bit of larping, as well as lots and lots of comic books and other geeky things to buy. But for me, I just love the cosplays that come out every year!

Music by Mark Ronson and Gwen Stefani.

Icon 2015 Cosplayers:

Oh Hai Maru Cospleh


Dracan Redfox Cosplay

Natsu Cosplay

ShadowWolf Cosplay

Misfit Cosplay

Nixie Lab


Mitchie Panda

PSYclops Cosplay

Sliding Door’s Cosplay

Yagami Sen

Silver Angel C

Puggy Penguin Cosplay

The Wizard J



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