Hawkgirl is just one of those characters you’re instantly drawn to! Her giant wings and that mace of hers is too epic!! I’ve always wanted to do a Hawkgirl cosplay but this version is a little retro!


Bombshell version of Hawkgirl with a rocketpack and blowing bubblegum
A pic of the Artwork by Ant Lucia

Shiera Saunders made her first appearance in the Flash Comics #1 (1940) but only becoming Hawkgirl in All Star Comics #5 (1941), and is one of DC Comics first female superheroes. Originally Shiera was a reincarnated Egyptian Princess, but I prefer the story of her and Hawkman being police officers from another planet, and going by the name Shayera Hol (1960s).

She’s brave, funny and so powerful. I love her fearlessness!

When searching for images of Hawkgirl, I came across the amazing talent of Ant Luciawho creates our favourite heroines in classic Bombshell variants. I loved that he replaced her wings with a jetpack and flying gear. And coincidentally it turned out, I found a group of awesome ladies who were doing a group cosplay for a con.

Bombshell hawkgirl cosplay at rAge Expo
From All Otaku Mag


  • The flight-suit, was bought from a Skydiving company, it came in a funny khaki colour, so I then dyed it to the bottle green, as in the drawing.
  • I already owned a pair of maroon Dr Marten, changed the laces to yellow and wore some yellow socks.
  • I dyed a white tank top canary yellow colour.
  • The black rubber gloves came from a hardware store and I altered them to look more like hers.
  • The goggles, I had custom made by the incredible Sin Bin.
  • I bought a red wig from the local mall.
  • The Helmet – I made using an old roller-derby helmet, which I then added eva foam to it, to create the bird-shape. I then painted and sealed it.
  • The Jetpack was made using coca-cola bottles, pvc pipes and styrofoam to get all the shapes. I then glued all the pieces to a small cake-board which was then attached to an old backpack which I cut up (I only wanted the straps but I found it was a good size to attached the cake-board too). Everything was painted and sealed.
  • The Hawkgirl symbol badges, I made using foam and covering in worbla.
  • I even had custom dog-tags made that read: Shayera Hol, Thanagar
Hawkgirl cosplay work in progress of the jetpack made of foam and drink bottles
The Jet Pack taking shape


Unfortunately her jetpack didn’t last long on the overcrowded con floor – people just kept breaking the handles, LOL just an excuse to re-make it. But I had a blast as Hawkgirl, and it was so much fun being part of a group. She’s just so kickass!!

Worn at:

rAge 2014


Flightsuit being dyed in a pot
Dyeing the flightsuit green



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