Geekfest 2016 Day 2!! Once again thank you to all the fantastic cosplayers!!! This was the Competition Day and we totally rock!!!

Geekfest is a really cool event started in 2014, to entertain the Geeks in winter. It’s really a great day out for the whole family – Cosplay, LARPing, Medieval Sword Fighting, Gaming, Geeky Stalls; and this year it was held over 2 days – don’t forget to check out day 1. Geekfest 2016 Day 2 was the Cosplay Competition, so a lot of the cosplayers bring out their big guns. I had a lot of fun judging the competition and the newcomers really brought their A-game, it was really eye-opening seeing how much cosplay in South Africa has grown and how we can really show the world how talented we are!

Geekfest 2016 Day 2 Cosplayers –

Last Minute Cosplay
Seanguin Cosplay
Silver Angel C
Lady Luka Cosplay
Miss Spidey Cosplay
Overlord Atobe Cosplay
PSYclops Cosplay
LuLu Cosplay
Yagami Sen
ZeroKelvin Cosplay
Kanji Cosplay
JinxKittie Cosplay
Misfit Cosplay
ShadowWolf Cosplay
Raiju Cosplay
Nixie Lab
The Wizard J
Pandemic Cosplay
TAG Cosplay
Kali Kitty Cosplay

Please let me know if you have a cosplay page, I’ll definitely post a link 🙂


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