Geekfest 2015, tons of epic cosplays! So much bigger than last year! And growing every minute!!

Geekfest is a really cool event started in 2014, this year they moved to a new venue – Huddle Park Golf Course, for an even bigger market and even more adventure! It’s a super great day out for the whole family – Cosplay, LARPing, Medieval Sword Fighting, Gaming, Geeky Stalls.

Songs by:
New Young Pony Club – Ice-cream
Hot Chip – Out At The Pictures

Geekfest 2015 Cosplayers:

Yamaki Yama

Sliding Door’s Cosplay

GiantShev Cosplay

Kinpatsu Cosplay

Natsu Cosplay

Justine Kosuplay


Puggy Penguin Cosplay



Pandemic Cosplay

Kali Kitty Cosplay 

The Wizard J

Michiko Cosplay

Yagami Sen

Annakapat Cosplay

Axefield Cosplay

Nixie Lab


Overlord Atobe Cosplay

Cat’s Tail Cosplay 

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