At rAge Expo 2017, I was asked by the lovely Cat’s Tail Cosplay if I could film her Final Fantasy Cosplay group, here’s what we did. Welcome to my Final Fantasy Cosplay Video!! 😀

2 ladies dressed up in cosplay Luna and Cindy from Final Fantasy
Luna and Cindy from Final Fantasy XV

I decided I wanted something different, but it had to be fun, so this one is a little bit crazier than usual videos – so here it is The Final Fantasy Cosplay Video!

I’m hoping to make more videos like this but outside of the Con environment. I love working with these cosplayers, and we had so much fun – watch out for the little bloopers at the end.


Kyle Watson Feat. Goodluck – Tall Walls


Noctis Lucis Caelum – Jared Moodley

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret – SushiBunny Cosplay –

Ignis Scientia – Steve Kitley

Prompto ArgentumOverlord Atobe Cosplay –

CindyCat’s Tail Cosplay –


Hope you all like it! Please subscribe to my youtube channel –!!


Let me know if you have a group cosplay and you’d like me to shoot a video for you (only for South African Cosplayers).


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