To theĀ amazing Photographers, documenting our South African Cosplays.

First of all, a good cosplay looks great with a good photograph! And therefore, I believe in crediting. So to the hard-working and silent cosplay companions – the Photographers!

South Africa Cosplay Photographer Pages:

Muller Time Photography

Sheena Wood Photography

Peachy Dragon Photography

Vanora Naude Photography

Vile Photography

Rockin’ Pix

Cos We Play Project

Kelga Creations

Akami Photography

Kyle Goulden

Troll Bridge Photography

GiantShev Photography

Max Thomik Photographic

Also, a big shout out to Tim Morty and Allan Riedel!


Thank you for taking the pictures you do!!

Finally, are you a SA Cosplay Photographer? Let me know if you want to be featured.

clipart picture of a camera


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