Growing up, I loved comic books, cartoons and movies, and who doesn’t want to be a superhero?! So after a year of following (stalking) the local South African cosplay scene, and meeting such amazing and friendly cosplayers, I decided to give it a go. Enter Cassie Hack!

But how do you make a cosplay? I’d seen all these beautiful costumes, amazing armour builds to delicate embroidery, I couldn’t make any of that, I had no skills and to be honest was way too shy, I really didn’t know anything. So I took a look at a few of my favourite comics for inspiration. Should I start with a Cape or mask? And wham! Cassie Hack hit me so hard with her baseball bat, I just knew I had to try cosplay her.

“I loved being her, I felt powerful”

Hack/Slash Comic


Cassie is from the Hack/Slash comics, created by Tim Seeley, published by Devil’s Due Publishing and Image Comics. I suppose the best way to describe her is an anti-hero, who after falling victim to a Slasher (monster / villain), she begins her new career kicking slasher butts!

What makes her extra special is that she has no super powers, and she’s still afraid of the bad guys, but knowing that there are innocents out there, keeps her going.

Cassie Hack cosplay by Sam Secrets, South Africa
Photo by Max Thomik Photographic


  • Cassie was simple enough to put together – I had the boots and the tank top, so I headed to the local Mall to find a black wig, a skirt and some stockings; like I said I had no skills in making any of the clothes, so I found the pieces instead.  
  • The Baseball bat, I got from the local sports store and customised it (and badly too).
  • The whole process was so exciting, I wanted it to be perfect, as accurate to the comic book as possible, but I had to alter the ideas to suit me – I’m not one for over-doing the fishnets.


Unfortunately for Cassie, she’s not as recognisable as many other comic book heroes, and most people thought I was just a Goth – but I loved being her, I felt powerful. She’s a fantastic character, sexy and strong yet at the same time she’s still scared of the monsters.

Worn at:

rAge 2013

Cosplay Picnic (Pretoria) 2014

Cassie Hack Cosplay South Africa. Sam Secrets as Cassie Hack
Photo by Peachy Dragon Photography


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