As a noobie cosplayer, you often hear that it’s a big “NO NO” to buy a cosplay, but I simply don’t agree. So here’s my article on To Buy or Make Cosplays, because no matter what, COSPLAY IS ABOUT FUN!! And if you’re not doing that then what’s the point!

My advice to buy or make cosplays:

When I first got into cosplay, I couldn’t sew or make armour – I certainly had no knowledge of power tools to even comprehend what seasoned crafters were using – what is this resin you speak of? So yes, my first cosplay (Cassie Hack) was made up of “found” pieces and things I had lying around my wardrobe, but I wanted something so beautiful and well made that the next logical solution was to buy my costume.

Now there are tons of pros and cons to buying an outfit –


  • It’s great if you can’t sew
  • It’s great for if you have no time to work on a costume
  • Can be commissioned – so you get what you want
  • Less stress!
  • Less mess!


  • May not arrive on time for con
  • No control over the end product
  • Can be expensive
  • Possibly poor quality and completely inaccurate
  • May not always fit properly
  • Cannot enter it into a Competition (depending on the rules and category)

My Experience:

I was very lucky that my first commissioned pieces came from Blak Bunni and Sin Bin – both in my opinion are highly qualified costumers, and are extremely skilled in their craft. For me the best part about these cosplays, was that I didn’t stress about making them or trying to figure out how to make them – I just sent a picture, my measurements and I got more than what I expected. Also there are a whole bunch of prop makers who sell their awesome stuff too, which really helps to complete that cosplay look. I have personally used Fairy Fountains to 3D print me weapons, and The Cosplay Cartel are incredible with props.

Though I haven’t commissioned anything in awhile, I would highly recommend getting a cosplay made or bought (reputable sellers only) if you have no skills or time or just want to dip your toes into the cosplay scene, because in the end, cosplay really truly is about having fun!!


Worn at:

Star Trek Medical Officer – made by Blak Bunni

Kin Con 2014

AWX Photo Day 2015

Star Trek Medical Officer Cosplay standing in front of wall and railing
Photo by Muller Time Photography

Bastila Shan (Star Wars) – made by Sin Bin

Geekfest 2014

AWX Mini Cosplay Competition 2015

rAge 2015

Star Wars: TFA Premiere 2015

Bastila Shan Cosplay from Star Wars, brown leather. Standing in Nelson Mandela Square South Africa with 2 lightsabers
Photo by Silver Angel C


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